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Probate & Executor Services




Our STEP qualified advisers have both the experience and sensitivity to ensure that the tax affairs of an estate is handled accurately and professionally, reducing the burden in what can be a difficult and emotional time.


An executor is the person responsible for dealing with the administration of your estate after your death. In situations where there is no executor, often because there is no will, family members may apply for a grant of administration.


It is common that those named as executors will choose to seek professional advice to assist them at with the more complex and technical stages of what may be a drawn out and emotionally draining process.


What to do when someone dies

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How can we help you?


We can offer help in a variety of different ways and at a variety of different stages of the process. In particular, we can:


  • Prepare the HM Revenue & Customs Account for Inheritance Tax .

  • Deal with the finalisation of the tax affairs of the deceased, including disclosure of previously undisclosed liabilities and the mitigation of interest and penalties.

  • Advise the beneficiaries as to the tax-efficient administration of the estate and their own tax planning, including variations of the deceased's Will.

  • Complete tax returns to the date of death and for the period of administration and provide details and advice relevant to the completion of the beneficiaries' own returns.

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