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Agency Tax Services

If you run an agency that helps individuals find self-employed work, such as actors, construction workers, tutors, cleaners etc, then we can provide a low cost tax return service for your members which would be tailored to your profession.


Here's the best bit - we will even pay your agency for each client you refer to us!


We have an arrangement with a number of agency's where we offer a tailored tax return service for their members and for every tax return we prepare, we pay the agency a referral fee of 18% of the tax return fee received.  Not only does this create an additional and hassle free income stream for your agency but it also adds an additional benefit to the range of services that your agency can offer.


We would create a dedicated page on our website that only your members would access. From this page, they can register for the service, send their tax information to us and access tax guides that have been tailored specifically for their profession.


Take a look at some of our existing agency tax pages to see how yours might look:






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